Introducing our Oral Care Light Therapy device that will finally end your dental discomfort. Our device uses blue light to treat your teeth and gums right from the comfort of your sofa. Suffering from oral pain can be really horrible, it is a kind of pain that has you up all night and threatens your productivity. Treat yourself at home with our Light Therapy and shine the pain away today!

Our Oral Care Light Therapy doesn’t only relieve tooth and gum pain it also works to reduce gum inflammation and bleeding, reduce plaque and tartar build-up and promotes healthier, stronger and fresher teeth and gums. So, this device is not just a quick fix for pain but it can also be used in the long run to keep your breath fresh and your teeth in tip-top shape. Invest in our Oral Care Light Therapy device now and have your own mini oral hygienist at your fingertips. 

Our Oral X 3 device is a safe and natural remedy which helps to suppress the harmful bacteria in the mouth and lets the healthy bacteria survive and in the process:

•        Kills bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath

•        Reduces build-up of plaque and tartar

•        Treats and prevents gum issues including gingivitis and sores

•        Decreases tooth sensitivity and inflammation of the gums

•        Promotes overall healthier gums and teeth

•        Helps Denture-Related Stomatitis, Halitosis, and Erosion

This device uses blue UVA works to not only achieve results of healthier gums but also supports the elimination of bad bacteria including Porphyromonas gingivitis, which is now recognised as a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease.  

In a completely separate R&D program, we have also developed a Light Therapy device using Photobiomodulation therapy which is aimed at the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

The Science 

Research has shown that there are as many as 700 different types of oral bacteria that may be living in dental plaque that accumulates on teeth throughout the day and overnight. While some bacteria are benign or even helpful, others invade and wear down at the gum tissue and bone. Having harmful bacteria like this can lead to loss of teeth, and, possibly, to infection elsewhere in the body.

One of the more‘ harmful’ bacteria is called ‘black-pigmented bacteria’ which have been associated with periodontitis, a severe gum infection leading to tooth loss and other serious health complications. When this bacterium builds up it causes black pigment organisms called Porphyrins. Porphyrins are photosensitive and are killed by blue UVA light within seconds.

This finding led to the development of oral light therapy devices like Oral ‘X’ and as stated by Dr Goodman D.D.S from the Forsythe Institute at Harvard medical school “Technology employing blue light to improve oral ecology could be the most important advancement in maintaining periodontal health since the invention of the toothbrush”

The device has a similar shape to a small mouth guard and fits comfortably in the mouth, accommodating the upper and lower teeth and gums.  The device uses cold light LED technology alongside high intensity blue light between 480-520nm through 30 specially coated optical lenses to separate harmful UV light and infrared rays.

The blue light LEDs bathe gums and stimulate deep healing to reduce teeth sensitivity and improve gum health. The blue light has been scientifically proven to kill harmful oral bacteria which is the root cause of gum disease, gingivitis and bad breath.

The Oral “X” 3 comes with a rechargeable, cold light controller with an exclusive cold light chip to maintain a constant current output voltage. The 2000mAh Li-battery provides long running time and the type-c port makes charging more convenient.


“Regarding the Oral X 3 device, I love it. My smile looks brighter, there’s less accumulated dental plaque and for want of a better way of expressing it, my teeth feel stronger. Previously, whenever I ate fruit my teeth would feel ‘electric’ – sometimes for a couple of days – but since I’ve been using your oral device, I’ve had no sensitivity at all, which I think is amazing.” Susan Smith