Bad Breath

Bad Breath (halitosis)?

Oral “X” 3 BlueLight is an effective, elegant and portable device that eliminates gum disease, bad breath and kills harmful bacteria which can be used in the comfort of your own home and on the go.

As humans, we have over 500 different types of bacteria in our mouths but the most harmful and destructive one is identified as Black Pigmented Bacteria (BPB).  This builds up and is the main cause of bad breath (halitosis) and gum disease (gingivitis).

Recently, in scientific studies, it was found that BPB could be rapidly destroyed by the application of “Blue” light at a specific wavelength. This light therapy gets to the root cause of bad breath rather than simply masking the odour as mints and mouthwashes do.

Halitosis? More like halit-no-sis.

We all wake up in the morning with a slippery and fuzzy coating on our teeth, giving us that instant urge to freshen up. This coating is known as dental plaque and it is a sticky biofilm deposit that forms overnight.  It is the bacteria within this plaque that causes early stage of gum disease, contributes to bad breath and makes your teeth look dingy and yellow.

The application of Blue light with our Oral “X” device will Blitz this harmful bacteria (BPM) in just 3 minutes. You will immediately know the therapy is working as that sticky plaque feeling will be eliminated, your breath will be fresh and the odour will be banished , your teeth will be brighter, and most importantly you will have Blitzed that harmful bacteria away.

ORAL “X” 3 Device

The Oral X 3Device has a similar shape to a small mouthguard. It fits comfortably in the mouth accommodating the upper and lower teeth and gums. The device uses cold light LED technology with high-intensity blue light between 480-520nm. The light is sent through 30 specially coated optical lenses to separate harmful UV light and infrared rays to keep your teeth safe. The blue light LEDs bathe gums and stimulate deep healing to reduce teeth sensitivity and improve gum health. The blue light also kills harmful oral bacteria which is linked with the root cause of gum disease, gingivitis and bad breath. Oral X 3 is a safe and natural remedy that banishes harmful bacteria in the mouth, giving you that fresh feeling whenever you desire it.

Our remarkable, unique LED Oral Therapy Device is now available for home use. This means no more expensive trips to the hygienist or dentist for dental upkeep as you do it all from home. The key features are included below:

  • Reduced build-up of plaque and tartar.
  • Heals and prevents gum issues including gingivitis and sores.
  • Decreases tooth sensitivity and inflammation of the gums.
  • Promotes overall healthier gums and teeth.
  •  Treats Bad Breath, Denture-Related Stomatitis and Erosion.

The Oral “X” 3 comes with a rechargeable, cold light controller which has an exclusive cold light chip to maintain a constant current output voltage. The 2000mAh Li battery provides a long running time and the type-c port makes charging more convenient.

Almost everyone experiences bad breath at times but for some people, bad breath is a daily problem, for which they struggle to find a solution. Approximately 25% of the population complains of some sort of bad breath. Halitosis often occurs after a garlicky meal or in the morning after waking. Drinking and smoking tobacco can also result in bad breath.

Many people are not even aware of their own halitosis and learn about it from a relative, friend, or co-worker, causing a degree of discomfort and distress. Bad breath may, also, negatively impact personal relationships and a person’s quality of life. Bad breath is something that is usually just treated with a quick remedy of toothpaste and mouthwash, but that is only temporary and will soon wear off throughout the day. The best support for cobating bad breath is getting to the root of the problem, the bacteria. It’s time to take the sensible route and banish it not just conceal it. With the Oral ‘X’ 3 bad breath is a thing of the past.