Blue Light for healing Gums &Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth, bad breath and receding or bleeding gums are warnings that your oral health needs urgent attention. You need to take action to reverse the cause.

Light therapy is drug free also non-invasive and a scientifically proven therapy that you can use at home

Advantage of LED Blue Light

Studies have shown the advantage of using light therapy inside your mouth

1.stimulates parts of the tooth and gum to regenerate

2.reduces the negative bacteria count in your mouth

3. freshens the breath by destroying the black-pigmented bacteria that causes halitosis (bad breath)


Sensitive Teeth – Bleeding Gums ?

If you are already suffering with sensitive teeth or bleeding gums it is possible to reverse this with Light Therapy.

Our mouth is home to over 600 different types of bacteria – some is harmful and some beneficial to our oral and overall health. Your teeth are covered with a sticky film known as Biofilm or Plaque which consists of the bacterial cells. Brushing our teeth partly removes the plaque but mouthwash destroys the good and bad bacteria.


Light Therapy is the most effective way for you to destroy oral Plaque and the harmful bacteria. It will also heal your gum tissue and reduce the sensitivity of your teeth. By using the Oral X you can do your light therapy when you want to and when you need it in the comfort of your own home

Oral X 3 Home Device

With the shape similar to a small mouth guard, the device fits comfortably to accommodate your upper and lower teeth and gums.Our unique design uses cold light LED technology with high intensity blue light between 480-520nm . As well there are 30 specially coated optical lenses which separate harmful UV light and infrared rays. Because blue light LED’s bathe gums and stimulate deep healing it reduces teeth sensitivity and improves gum health. The blue light has also been scientifically proven to kill harmful oral bacteria which is the root cause of gum disease, gingivitis and bad breath. Rechargeable with “C” port

Oral care and LED Light photo-therapy

Periodontal (Gum) Disease is a “silent” disease – most people do not know they even have it, or how serious it is. It is the #1 reason adults lose their teeth.

In fact, did you know that more than 75% of all adults have gum disease? Recent Dental/Medical research has shown a direct correlation to periodontal disease and systemic health. People with periodontal disease have an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, dementia, diabetic complications, and serious problems with pregnancy.

Your gums are responsible for protecting your teeth from the sensitivity caused by hot and cold temperatures, so when the gum recedes, you no longer have this protection. In severe cases, gingivitis can occur and develop into periodontists, which is when the gums can become inflamed and red as a result of a bacterial infection. The gum tissue will begin to recede away from the tooth, offering the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria

The Science

The more destructive bacteria are called “black-pigmented bacteria” (BPB) which have been implicated as pathogens associated with periodontitis . This bacteria accumulates black pigment organisms called porphyrins. These porphyrins are photosensitive, and, when activated by Blue (UVA) light , induce a photodynamic reaction which kills the microorganism within seconds.

The Research

Scientists at the Forsyth Institute of Harvard Medical School found that blue light can be used to selectively suppress certain bacteria commonly associated with destructive gum disease.

The research, published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, “Suggests that light in the blue region of the visible spectrum might be useful in preventing, controlling, or treating periodontitis – an oral infection that can lead to loss of bone and teeth”

“Some of the key bacterial pathogens associated with periodontitis produce and accumulate compounds that are sensitive to light,” said Nikos Soukos, director of the Forsyth Laboratory of Applied Molecular Photo-medicine and the principal investigator. “We found that, when exposed to particular wavelengths of light, a percentage of those pathogens was eradicated within seconds.”


“Technology employing blue light to improve oral ecology could be the most important advancement in maintaining periodontal health since the invention of the toothbrush.”- Dr. Goodman D.D.S., Forsythe Institute – Harvard Medical School

A happy user ! Susan Smith (UK)

“Regarding the Oral X 3 device, I love it. My smile looks brighter, there’s less accumulated dental plaque and for want of a better way of expressing it, my teeth feel stronger. Previously, whenever I ate fruit my teeth would feel ‘electric’ – sometimes for a couple of days – but since I’ve been using your oral device, I’ve had no sensitivity at all, which I think is amazing.” Susan Smith

The current price of the Oral X 3 is £95