Mouthwash – The Downside of fresh breath

5 August 2021 By Light-X
Bad breath and mouthwash

Bacteria in the mouth can contribute to bad breath.  It seems logical,to many people, that the way to fight bad breath is to kill the odor-causing bacteria with mouthwash
However,mouthwash with alcohol will kill the bacteria, but it can also damage gum tissue The dead gum tissue then can act as a food source to the very bacteria that you are trying to eliminate, leading to increased bacteria populations and more bad breath. 

Our mouths’ are home to bad and good bacteria

Your mouth is teeming with bacteria. When you use an antibacterial mouthwash, it kills all the bacteria, even the good ones! This can be the opportunity that the hazardous bacteria to take over and start an infection. This is known as a “rebound effect.” 

ORAL – X – Blue Light kills just harmful bacteria

The more destructive bacteria are called “black-pigmented bacteria” (BPB) which have been implicated as pathogens associated with periodontitis . This bacteria accumulates black pigment organisms called porphyrins. These porphyrins are photosensitive, and, when activated by Blue (UVA) light , induce a photodynamic reaction which kills the microorganism within seconds.

ORAL -X 3 utilizes Blue Light to destroy just the harmful oral bacteria 

EXTRACT Boston–Scientists at The Forsyth Institute have found that blue light can be used to selectively suppress certain bacteria commonly associated with destructive gum disease.  

THE ORAL X 3 – The “blue Light” home use solution

With the shape similar to a small mouth guard, the device fits comfortably to accommodate your upper and lower teeth and gums.Our unique design uses cold light LED technology with high intensity blue light between 480-520nm . As well there are 30 specially coated optical lenses which separate harmful UV light and infrared rays. Because blue light LED’s bathe gums and stimulate deep healing it reduces teeth sensitivity and improves gum health. The blue light has also been scientifically proven to kill harmful oral bacteria which is the root cause of gum disease, gingivitis and bad breath. Rechargeable with “C” port

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