Light Destroys Oral Plaque

10 September 2021 By Light-X

Until recently Light Therapy Treatment was only available from your oral care professional. The development of this reasonably priced “At Home” Oral “X” Light Therapy unit, providing the same medical grade treatment for less than the cost of a single clinic visit has been a major game changer.

Mouthwash – The Downside of fresh breath

5 August 2021 By Light-X

Bad breath and mouthwash Bacteria in the mouth can contribute to bad breath.  It seems logical,to many people, that the way to fight bad breath is to kill the odor-causing bacteria with mouthwashHowever,mouthwash with alcohol will kill the bacteria, but it can also damage gum tissue The dead gum tissue then can act as a […]

Elderly Oral Care-Blue Light

5 August 2021 By Light-X

 TOOTHBRUSH OUT OF REACH ?- BLUE LIGHT TO THE RESCUE ORAL HEALTH  CHALlENGE FOR THE ELDERLY You just lack the strength having arthritis or other disabilities which can make it impossible for you to brush your teeth  and maintain good oral health.                                      OR Your caregiver may find it challenging to help you adequately with […]


4 August 2021 By Light-X

Oral x 3 – a science driven development for ORAL Health Oral X 3 – we are proud to have brought this home oral care device to market for home use. it is, however, challenging when we are accused on Face Book with ” I put it to you, that not one single claim you […]

Blue Light for healing Gums &Sensitive Teeth

18 July 2021 By Light-X

Sensitive teeth, bad breath and receding or bleeding gums are warnings that your oral health needs urgent attention. You need to take action to reverse the cause. Light therapy is drug free also non-invasive and a scientifically proven therapy that you can use at home Advantage of LED Blue Light Studies have shown the advantage […]


20 November 2020 By Light-X

Shining light on oral health A Novel “AT Home” LED Light Therapy Oral Health Device “Technology employing blue light to improve oral ecology could be the most important advancement in maintaining periodontal health since the invention of the toothbrush.”- Dr. Goodman D.D.S., Forsyth Institute  Harvard Medical School Scientists at the Forsyth Institute(1) have found that blue light […]

Bad Breath

15 October 2020 By Light-X

Oral “X” 3 BlueLight is an effective, elegant and portable device that eliminates gum disease, bad breath and kills harmful bacteria which can be used in the comfort of your own home and on the go.


13 October 2020 By Light-X

Introducing our Oral Care Light Therapy device that will finally end your dental discomfort. Our device uses blue light to treat your teeth and gums right from the comfort of your sofa. Suffering from oral pain can be really horrible, it is a kind of pain that has you up all night and threatens your […]