Treating Sports-related Injury and Pain with Light Therapy

The Knees and Tennis Elbow

Sports Injuries

The recognition that obesity has life threatening consequences through diabetes, heart disease and, now, Corona virus has lead, many of us, to a “Get Fit” exercise regime. As a nation we are becoming more active in sports, at all ages, than ever in our history. Baby boomers, now in their 50’s and 70’s deny the inevitable aging of their bodies, and, in order to stay youthful intensify their sports activities . We are all encouraged to walk more, run, cycle and play more sports at whatever age group. However often there is “No gain without pain” through this quest to be fitter.

So there is an escalating level of sports related injuries and pain.

Today we are focusing on two of the most common sports related joint injuries of the Knee/ Elbow and how Light Therapy can be used to alleviate the symptoms.

Our new and unique Dgyao X 1 light therapy device repairs damaged tissue and reliefs pain in knees & elbows. It is safe, drug-free and a natural solution with no negative side effects. The device is designed specifically for the “purpose” to give 360degree surface light therapy coverage combined with compression. For more details and to purchase a Dgyao X 1 please visit

What is Light Therapy?

During the past decade Light Therapy has emerged as an effective novel therapy for sports related injuries.

Light therapy is a non-invasive, non-drug modality that stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms via both molecular signaling and circulatory modulation.

The benefit of light therapy is that it reduces the discomfort of pain and inflammation while promoting blood flow to assist the body’s own tissue repair mechanisms.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) of a specific wavelength (Red and infrared) provide a safe and affordable technology for delivering light therapy (also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation). This has led to the development of light therapy devices for “In home” use which are both economical to purchase and convenient to use.

Benefits of Light Therapy for Knee & Elbow Pain (At Home)

 Try using this new light therapy device at home to heal your knee or elbow pain:

  1. Easy to apply and use at home
  2. Available to you 24/7
  3. Safe and side-effect free
  4. Nontoxic, non-invasive, drug-free
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Superior to medication, shots, and can prevent surgery
  7. Works synergistically with chiro, acupuncture and PT treatments.

The drug-free ways to relieve and heal your knee or elbow pain – without medication, side effects and risks.

 Convenient Home use for:-
            · Reducing inflammation
            · Stimulating endorphins which facilitate pain relief
            ·Accelerating healing
            · Stimulating fibroblast activity
            · Inducing a thermal effect on tissue
            · Increasing positive cellular activity

Reference – Published Paper
Low Level Laser Therapy for chronic knee joint pain patients
Background and Aims:
 Chronic knee joint pain is one of the most frequent complaints which is seen in the outpatient clinic in our medical institute. In previous studies we have reported the benefits of low level laser therapy (LLLT) for chronic pain in the shoulder joints, elbow, hand, finger and the lower back. The present study is a report on the effects of LLLT for chronic knee joint pain. Conclusion: The present study demonstrated that 830 nm LLLT was an effective form of treatment for chronic knee pain caused by knee osteoarthritis. Patients were advised to undertake training involving gentle flexion and extension of the knee.
Contributors to paper: 
Takashi Nakamura, Satoru Ebihara, Ikuko Ohkuni, Hideaki Izukura, Takashi Harada,  Nobuyuki Ushigome, Toshio Ohshiro, Yoshiro Musha, Hiroshi Takahashi, Kazuaki Tsuchiya, and Ayako Kubota