Flexpads provide a convenient body wrap of therapeutic LED’s in-bedded in a neoprene flexible panel which can be used for “At Home” treatment. The most popular pad is 25 cm x 14 cm housing 60 Medical Grade Light Emitting Diodes. Forty are in the infrared spectrum and twenty are red wavelength 660nm LED’s .

Flexpads are light weight and flexible. They are also flexible in their use, it is hands free, snugly fits to the body contours, can be used at any convenient time and therefore fits effortlessly into the users lifestyle

These versatile, flexible, red light pads have multiple applications for the management of pain. They have proven, effective for multiple conditions including recuperation from sports and trauma injuries, tendonitis, bursitis, neuropathy and  for both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Flexpads offer hands free treatment as they can be secured in place by the Velcro belts supplied with the unit. The 25 cm x 14 cm flexible panel is particularly effective for wrapping around joints like elbows on knees.

Flexpads are powered through a USB connection either by a wall socket USB adaptor or a small USB battery power bank. The power bank allowing the unit to be used virtually anywhere, car, plane etc. –  so you are not tethered to a wall socket. 

Red and infrared Light Therapy are used to promote the body’s natural healing powers. The panel is placed on the skin and the low energy pulses can then begin to penetrate the skin tissue in the treatment area. The absorbed light energy is converted into biomechanical energy which stimulates and accelerates the bodies natural healing process. This results in the relaxation of muscle cells within the vessel walls particularly in the large veins  and arteries. Even just a short treatment will increase blood flow to nerves and other tissues resulting in pain relief and injury regeneration.

Near-infrared light (NIL) and Red Light has had over 1,000 clinical papers published including randomised double blind controlled clinical trials 

Just one example of the experience of a Flexpad user :-

The Flex Pad Pain has brought back full functionality and significantly reduced the pain following surgery to my throat and back to remove bones and discs in my upper back and deal with torn muscles that keep the shoulder in place.

The pain was relentless after surgery and no amount of drugs would reduce this. I also had nowhere near full functionality in my upper back and shoulder and surgeons were considering a further operation.

At this stage I invested in the Flex Pad Pain, a flexible pad that wraps around the part of your body to treat, and after a short time I have recovered almost full movement in my upper back and shoulder. The pain has greatly subsided with only the occasional need to use any pain-killers. I bought a fabric brace to hold The Flexpad in place against my back and this works well.

Thanks to the Flex Pad Pain from Brilliant Light Therapy I’m now back at the gym and fully running my construction business. 

Richard Steedman, Cameron Drywall Contractors ltd.

Light Therapy , specifically IR  (infrared) – is a natural, non-invasive, non drug modality for healing and thus relieving pain. The USA , FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the Flexpads for temporary   relief of aching joints and muscle pains, increased blood circulation and relaxing muscles.

This is energy based medicine versus pharmaceutical-based medicine with it’s many issues of toxicity and cost